How to Organize your Watercolor Paint Tubes

How to  Organize your Watercolor Paint Tubes post image

Don’t you love when you feel good and  productive in your creative corner?  Last weekend was a productive one as I spent most of it in my studio doing all sorts of things: 

• I organized my watercolor paint tubes by color family and stored them in empty face-moisturizer jars. It turns out that these little jars are perfect containers for small watercolor paint tubes. Try this!

• Started a watercolor painting of some asparagus as part of my (slow going) 100-day project.

• Experimented with color and made some modifications to my palette.

• Found a silicone lid for one of my water containers to keep my dear cat, Coco, from drinking the water. This is a new behavior and I don’t want her getting sick. She makes life very colorful sometimes.

• Now I am very excited preparing material for my up-coming online watercolor course, which I’ll be announcing very soon. Stay tuned for more information and dates!

And what about you? What are you working on?

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  • Melissa Hyatt April 8, 2018, 11:48 am

    It’s fun to see your workspace and someone else who’s palette is as colorful and messy as my own! I’m painting basil from my kitchen garden today. Happy painting!

    • leylatorres April 8, 2018, 12:09 pm

      Hi Melissa.
      You are painting basil… You must live in a more southern latitude than I do. I won’t see basil in my garden until July!
      Thank you for sharing about what you are painting.

      The messy palette you see in the photo is my more “experimental” palette. I use it when I bring new colors into my studio and I want to learn about how they behave. But I usually paint from my more “orderly” palette which you can see on the right of one photo. I had just cleaned it out and placed some new colors around. But whatever works for each one of us, right? I do feel like there has to be room for total caos, either in the studio or on the palette! 😄 I find myself in constant loops of chaos and order.

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