Thumbnail image for How Journaling Can Help You Stay Creative in Uncertain Times

A good artist friend recently wrote me a note of gratitude for my Pansy-in-Watercolor Tutorial. In it, she shared the lovely bouquet she painted and also described how––as a result of the current pandemic situation––she finds herself “unfocused and jumping from one thing to the next throughout the day“. If that describes your day, I… Read more

Thumbnail image for Social Distance is not Spiritual Separation!

Today I just want to connect and send my love and greetings to you. How are you? I know, this question can be just an off-hand formality, and we might not pay much attention to its true dimension. The question cannot always be answered in its full scope. Our quick response is usually Good, thank… Read more

Thumbnail image for Confident Color Mixing for Success with Watercolor -A New Class

I’m happy to announce a new class posted in Skillshare: “Confident Color Mixing to Create Successful Watercolors“ This is a fun watercolor course where I share with you my “Happy Butterfly Process to Mastering Watercolor” a friendly and easy way to sharpen your watercolor skills. In this comprehensive class you will: Learn to mix colors… Read more

Thumbnail image for What Emotional Connections Inform Your Art?

Are you aware of the emotional connection you have to your work when you set out to paint? When I choose a subject I look for those I have a feeling for, where a sense of relationship already exists. Fulfilling creative expression stems from caring deeply about a theme, an object, a person, a place… Read more

Thumbnail image for Three Versions of Cats in Watercolor

Do you ever feel like you want to produce a beautiful watercolor on your first try? I like painting different versions of the same subject to relax and detach from feeling that I have to get it perfect the first time around. All my siblings, my parents, and I have a cat living in our… Read more

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What do you recall when you see the image of a hen? I always picture Ana, my maternal grandmother, crowing to gather her chicks. She fed them corn, throwing it from a basket into the garden at her kitchen door. Hens, chickens, and eggs all symbolize prosperity, fertility, abundance, the feminine force, maternity, and the… Read more