Thumbnail image for Mini Watercolors for an Anniversary Celebration

Last year, in June, John and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We honored each day in that month by doing something small but significant in appreciation for all our years together. In my sketchbook, I painted a mini watercolor, illustrating our special ritual each day. Here is a photo of that page. Since we… Read More

Thumbnail image for Painting my Cat in Watercolor

Do you have a pet, a very spoiled little pet that you love with all your heart, and one that accepts––or demands––all the attention you can give? Since I have featured a a little mouse painted in watercolor, here on this site, my sweet cat, Coco, wanted to be featured as well. Of course! On… Read More

Thumbnail image for How to  Organize your Watercolor Paint Tubes

Don’t you love when you feel good and  productive in your creative corner?  Last weekend was a productive one as I spent most of it in my studio doing all sorts of things:  • I organized my watercolor paint tubes by color family and stored them in empty face-moisturizer jars. It turns out that these… Read More

Thumbnail image for A Mouse in My Studio –What Would You Do?

Yesterday we found our kitty, Coco, standing in front of a tiny mouse shivering in fear on the kitchen floor. When Coco finds a mouse she just loves to play with it, and hasn’t realized–in the five years of her young life–that with one easy swipe her sharp little claws could quickly end its life… Read More

Thumbnail image for How to Paint Sandals in Watercolor

Do you live in a northern latitude? Here in mid-march Vermont it feels like winter is going to go on forever. Are you just like me, wearing your ugly sneakers but dreaming of cute shoes, warm breezes and days of carefree time at the beach? As beautiful as the snowy landscape is, we are all… Read More

Thumbnail image for Give Yourself Permission to Use High-Quality Watercolor Paper

Are you waiting to use high quality watercolor paper for that time when you feel you know how to paint? When I first started to paint in watercolor, I bought cheap paper and always ended up discarding most of my paintings because they didn’t look good. I didn’t feel I was making any progress and… Read More

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