Thumbnail image for Three Ideas on How to Be Spontaneous with Your Watercolors

Do you ever feel that you’d like to be more spontaneous in how you express yourself through watercolor but aren’t sure how to make the shift? Here are three ideas I keep in mind during my painting practice that you might find helpful. Have an idea of where you’re going with each piece. When deciding… Read more

Thumbnail image for Wait!  Don’t Toss Those Failures or You’ll Throw Away Your Successes Too!

I’m sure you’re just like me and you’re perfectly satisfied and happy with every watercolor you paint. Right? I’m kidding! I can only speak for me but the truth is often the opposite. As I look down on that recently completed piece, I might experience a sense of quiet despair. Sometimes, all I can see… Read more

Thumbnail image for Focusing on The Negative Creates The Positive

Do you feel unsure of what it means to paint a negative shape? Negative painting is simply painting around a shape instead of painting the shapes of objects like a flower or an animal. This concept can be used effectively when creating a painted image as we define a shape not by painting the shape… Read more

Thumbnail image for Stop Worrying About Waste and be Generous With Yourself

Do you ever worry about spending too much money on your watercolor supplies, or about wasting these materials? I ask because I often hear people say they want to commit to an art practice and develop as a watercolorist, but they’re reluctant to spend money on good materials like brushes, paint, and paper. And if… Read more

Thumbnail image for How to Paint Cute Pigs in Watercolor

With piggies all around and to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Pig, I was inspired to paint my own pair of piglets and share a video on how I painted them. For some the pig has negative connotations. But the pig also represents a powerful and positive symbol of honesty, determination, fertility, and abundance… Read more

Thumbnail image for It’s Never Late to Break Through Your Shell

Have you read the article by Mark McGuinness on getting your inner critic off your back? Mark’s article describes the challenge of inner negative talk and its contribution to creative paralysis. He offers a practical strategy to counteract this tendency. Through the use of just two humble words even and though, he demonstrates how to disarm… Read more

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