Thumbnail image for Illustrating a Carton of Chicken Eggs

In this post I share photo steps in a video showing how I painted a box of chicken eggs. This series of egg illustrations, painted in watercolor, were part of a commission for a story about eggs, published in the online magazine Life and Thyme  “Cracking the Code -An Exploration of the Incredible, Edible Egg”… Read more

Thumbnail image for Painting a Winter Landscape in Watercolor

This painting is based on a photo I took on a Sunday afternoon when John and I were traveling south on Route 7 in Vermont on our way to Williamstown, Mass and the Clark Museum. I set out to simplify the shapes of lights and shadows, and to render a feeling of movement and direction… Read more

Thumbnail image for How to Paint a Sheep’s Meadow in Watercolor

Sheep seem to irradiate a gentle sense of peace and innocence. This is a step-by-step mini-tutorial on how to paint sheep in a meadow. Here is a short video with a step-by-step demonstration on how to use the negative painting technique to paint the sheep. You can slow down or stop the video at any… Read more

Thumbnail image for Mini Watercolors for an Anniversary Celebration

Last year, in June, John and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We honored each day in that month by doing something small but significant in appreciation for all our years together. In my sketchbook, I painted a mini watercolor, illustrating our special ritual each day. Here is a photo of that page. Since we… Read more

Thumbnail image for Painting my Cat in Watercolor

Do you have a pet, a very spoiled little pet that you love with all your heart, and one that accepts––or demands––all the attention you can give? Since I have featured a a little mouse painted in watercolor, here on this site, my sweet cat, Coco, wanted to be featured as well. Of course! On… Read more

Thumbnail image for How to  Organize your Watercolor Paint Tubes

Don’t you love when you feel good and  productive in your creative corner?  Last weekend was a productive one as I spent most of it in my studio doing all sorts of things:  • I organized my watercolor paint tubes by color family and stored them in empty face-moisturizer jars. It turns out that these… Read more

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