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In another post, I shared a small experiment on painting a rose. In this post, you can see a step-by-step description and photos on painting a new rose. Any time we paint we are practicing and increasing our potential for making beautiful art. When you paint a rose, whether you are satisfied with the results… Read more

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June is one of the most lovely months in Vermont, and John and I happen to celebrate our wedding anniversary this month. This is the third year we celebrate this special time throughout the month by doing something significative to us or just paying attention to those moments that can become significative and worthy of… Read more

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Close your eyes and think of a quality you admire most about your mother. Perhaps you would describe her as calm, energetic, persevering, organized, friendly, or fierce! Visualize what action could represent that quality. One of the qualities I most admire about my mother is her willingness to listen and help people work out and… Read more

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Here are steps to paint this pear in watercolor. Step #1Left: Wet the area of the pear shape, except for white highlight. Let red and yellow blend on the paper. Let it dryRight: Wet the area of the pear shape. Let a diluted wash of yellow and green blend on the paper. Let dry. Step… Read more

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I recently did a small experiment while painting a rose. What was interesting for me about this was visualizing the shapes of light and shadow, instead of the shapes of ‘rose petals’. By focusing on the shapes of light and shadow it’s easier to see what’s in front of you instead of working through the… Read more

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It’s a warm, lazy, summer afternoon. Close your eyes. Imagine lemon drops squeezed onto the tip of your outstretched tongue. Suddenly! Your focus is pinned to the sweet tartness in your mouth. What a way to be with the present moment! ______ NOTE TO SELF: “You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is… Read more

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