Confident Color Mixing for Success with Watercolor -A New Class

Confident Color Mixing for Success with Watercolor -A New Class post image

I’m happy to announce a new class posted in Skillshare: Confident Color Mixing to Create Successful Watercolors

This is a fun watercolor course where I share with you my “Happy Butterfly Process to Mastering Watercolor” a friendly and easy way to sharpen your watercolor skills. In this comprehensive class you will:

  • Learn to mix colors confidently and knowledgeably.
  • Find a happy medium between control and surprise.
  • Apply what you learn to your own favorite watercolor subjects.
  • Produce work that you are consistently proud of.

All the videos in this watercolor course are less than ten minutes and conclude at a natural stopping point. This makes it easier to learn new ideas and add them to your ever-expanding set of watercolor and artistic skills.

Who can take this watercolor class?

Whether you are a beginner or have had previous experience with watercolor, this course will provide you with new insights and methods to create luminous watercolor paintings with sensitivity and expertise.

Join me on Skillshare and get 2 months of Premium Membership.

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