Watercolor Sketchbook Project: Anniversary Celebration –32 Years

Watercolor Sketchbook Project: Anniversary Celebration –32 Years post image

June is one of the most lovely months in Vermont, and John and I happen to celebrate our wedding anniversary this month.

This is the third year we celebrate this special time throughout the month by doing something significative to us or just paying attention to those moments that can become significative and worthy of celebration and remembrance.

Here you can see year one project and year two project.

As I have done before, in my watercolor sketchbook I created a series of icons representing those moments of joy. 

I share the page here in the hope that it is of inspiration to you as you celebrate your anniversary month, your birthday month or any special time related to your life.

Day 1  We enjoyed the rhododendrons outside our kitchen window.

Day 2 We bought pillowcases with a pineapple pattern on them. 

Day 3 Lovely friends brought us a bouquet of roses. 

Day 4 We spent time at the Northshire Bookstore.

Day 5 We took notice of a special maple tree on our daily walk in the park.

. . . . . 

Day 6 We planted perennial flowers in our garden.

Day 7 We blew dandelions and made a short slow-motion video of them.

Days 8 and 9 We scheduled some time away from each other. 

Day 10 We enjoyed telling each other what we did in the previous two days.

. . . . . 

Day 11 We took a walk under the half moon. 

Day 12 We admired the tiny roses in our garden. 

Day 13 We took a long walk in the park.

Day 14 We prepared spinach and feta cheese casserole.

Day 15 We tried a new dish: Chicken Provençale. Yum!

. . . . . 

Day 16 We bought a charming children’s book: The Wing on a Flea.

Day 17 We took a siesta with Coco.

Day 18 We invited friends for “Eggplant Pizza”

Day 19 We took a walk at sunset.

Day 20 We got ready for a picnic.

. . . . . 

Day 21 We enjoyed our picnic on our way to New York City.

Day 22 We had dinner with my aunt and uncle.

Day 23 We visited the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville NY. It contains one of the largest collection of contemporary outdoor sculptures in the United States.

Day 24 We toasted with two more friends.

Day 25 A surprising confetti rained on us from the skies. 

. . . . . 

Day 26 We repotted an Oxalis plant, a plant that has snow white flowers and green shamrock-shaped leaves. 

Day 27 We received two new rugs for our bathroom. 

Day 28 We chose a shade of yellow paint to give our bathroom a fresh coat.

Day 29 We had lemon lulu cake with friends.

Day 30 We watched the rain and the sun come and go through the mountains a few times in the same day.

. . . . . 


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  • Eva Emrys September 26, 2019, 2:52 pm

    That is amazing! Thank you for sharing your moments of joy!

    • Leyla Torres September 26, 2019, 8:55 pm

      Thank you, Eva. I’m happy you enjoy this project and appreciate your visit and your lovely words!

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