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Animals Painting Process Watercolor Classes

Watercolor Class: How to Paint an Origami Bird post image

A new class on watercolor techniques is now available on Skillshare.

Watercolor: Painting an Origami Peace Crane

Class Description
In this class you will follow a detailed step-by-step process to paint an origami peace crane. This will be a painting that you can scan and easily turn into a greeting card!

In following along you will learn or practice several watercolor techniques such as:

• How to trace a drawing on to watercolor paper.
• How to create flat and graded washes.
• How to work with transparent layers.
• How to paint from light to dark colors.
• How to preserve the white of the paper to create highlights.

This class is designed for both people who are new to watercolor and people who have had experience with this technique. At the end of the class you will have enhanced your art technique and vocabulary for application to creative projects.

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Materials Needed for this Class

1. 140 lb cold press watercolor paper about 12 x 9 Inches (30 x 23 cm).
2. Artist tape and board (optional)
3. Watercolor paints: approximately 12 basic colors* (tube or pan set)4
4. Two containers of water
5. Small cloth towel; paper towels.
6. Round watercolor brushes: #0 (extra small -optional); #2 (small); #5 or #6 (medium); #10-12 (large)
7. Soft and hard pencils and eraser (kneaded rubber eraser, preferable)
8. Small water spray bottle




Animals Architecture Artwork in Watercolor Floral and Plants Food

Art-for-sale-webshopWhether you are looking for art to add color and warmth in a corner of your home or would like to give art as present for a wedding, a new-born baby or birthday,  you will find several options to choose from in this art shop.
The images are available here as high quality prints made from original watercolors by  Leyla Torres. Some originals are available for purchase as well.

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