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Synchronicity, an Earring, and a Jar of Honey post image
During my last trip to Colombia to visit family, I lost an earring in the middle of Bogotá. It was one of a pair that John, my husband, had given me on my fiftieth birthday. I felt great sadness and a sense of loss that one of my treasures was now absent from my life.
The day that earring vanished, my mother and I ate lunch together at a small restaurant where I took a picture of the two of us. Both earrings are clearly visible in the photo, dangling from my ears, and it was only later that afternoon when I noticed one earring was gone.
 I think the earring became entangled in my scarf and fell to the street somewhere between the restaurant and a grocery store we had walked to in order to buy a brand of Colombian honey John is especially fond of.
When I returned home to Vermont I gave John two of the three bottles I’d purchased as a present, and the third bottle I hid away with the thought of giving it to him a couple months later, on our thirtieth wedding anniversary.
When that day finally arrived, I placed the bottle of honey in a box, made a card illustrated with a watercolor of our house, and chose a bright yellow paper to wrap the gift.
Coincidentally, John used the same yellow paper to wrap the gift he had for me: a replacement earring and identical replica of the earring I had lost on the streets of Bogotá the previous March, on the same day I bought the honey for him!
To celebrate our anniversary this month, John and I are doing something special each day.
It might be as simple and spontaneous as lighting a candle on our dinner table, but it’s always with the intention of expressing gratitude for each other.
I made a grid with thirty squares in my sketchbook and I have been filling it with quick icons representing what are doing each day. Of course, I added an icon to illustrate the story of the earrings and the honey.
Stay tuned to a full post on our 30-day celebration as soon as the month is over. 

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