Painting Dogs in Watercolor

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After the transition from the tropics back to frozen Vermont and just in time for the holidays I experienced an artistic slump. My motivation took a plunge into the nether world! Recognize that feeling yourself? I have been getting back up by giving myself time for creative play and by exercising a good dose of… Read More

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Do you ever have terrifying thoughts when you’re just about to board an airplane? The theme of the poem Passengers* by poet Billy Collins comes from his thoughts about just that, and thoughts which I’ve experienced myself, when boarding a plane. Maybe you have, too. “Will I go together with this group of people to… Read More

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Have you visited Doodlewash? It is a great website for people who love to paint with watercolor or people who admire watercolor as an artistic medium! Charlie O’Shields, host supreme, and friend of mine has invited me again as a guest blogger. Click here to read my post. The following step-by-step video is featured in… Read More

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The first flower I posted for World Watercolor Month, a rose, happens to be the emblem of my adoptive country, USA. The last flower posted is an orchid (a close resemblance to the Cattleya Trianae) the emblem of my country of origin, Colombia. And those are indeed beautiful and quite regal flowers to admire, but…… Read More

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From this group of flowers, painted in celebration of World Watercolor Month, I’d like to highlight the Red Clover. Just like me, the Red Clover (Trifolium pratense) is a flower originally from another part of the planet, but happily naturalized in Vermont. Red Clover is the state flower of Vermont and it’s symbolic of this… Read More

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Here you see the fourth group of flowers I have painted to celebrate World Watercolor Month. Read also the following thoughts on flowers, beautifully expressed by different artists:  You’re here for a short visit only. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And make sure to paint the flowers along the way. ~Walter Hagen Art is like a… Read More

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