Watercolor Sketchbook Project: Anniversary Celebration –3 of 4

Watercolor Sketchbook Project: Anniversary Celebration –3 of 4 post image

As the month moves along, we’ve had a lot of fun with the warm reactions we have received via Instagram as I have shared this anniversary watercolor project with you all. Thank you for your good wishes!

In case you have not been following, this is what the project is about: To celebrate our 30th-wedding anniversary this month, John Sutton and I are doing something special each day. It might be as simple and spontaneous as lighting a candle on our dinner table, but it’s always with the intention of expressing gratitude for each other.

In my sketchbook, I made a grid with 30 squares and have been filling it with quick watercolor icons representing what we have done each day.

  • Days 1-9 HERE
  • Days 10-14 HERE
  • Day 15: Enjoyed latte art hearts for breakfast.  
  • Day 16: Exchanged presents. In a blog post, I shared a lovely moment of synchronicity related to our mutual gifts.
  • Day 17: Went for a bike ride together.
  • Day 18: John refinished our dining room table. We placed a vase of peonies from our garden.
  • Day 19: Watched the sunset together.
  • Day 20: Bought new shirts for both of us.
  • Day 21: Got up early to see the sunrise and celebrate the summer solstice.
  • Day 22: Champagne toast with our dear friends Andy and Vicki.
  • Day 23: A walk in the rain, under an umbrella, after dinner.
  • Day 24: Enjoyed green tea ice cream before going to see a movie, “Paris Can Wait” Day 25: Admired the lovely dogwood flowers of our neighbor’s tree.
  • Day 26: Picked organic strawberries at Clear Brook Farm. Tick check after being in the strawberry fields. Found one!
  • Day 27: Drove in our 16-year-old VW car, with our neighbor Tom, to a dinner and celebration of our 20 years of friendship with him. Tom’s treat!
  • Days 28-30 HERE 

Here are close-up photos of the watercolor icons


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You might be inspired to do a project like this. If you do, by all means, post it, come back and share with us.

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  • Elisa July 10, 2017, 11:18 am

    Hi, Leyla! I enjoyed your illustrations from the beginning till the end. I love your style of watercolor…. so soft, delicate and charming. I also enjoyed reading the story about your missing earring… your love story is so inspiring and it made me smile. Thank you for sharing such wonderful memories!

    • leylatorres July 10, 2017, 11:56 am

      Hi, Elisa. I’m happy you liked the illustrations. I share them in the spirit of friendship and in the hope they can serve as inspiration for creative projects. Thank you for visiting!

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