What Should I Paint Today?

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What Should I Paint Today? This is a question we might ask as we develop a creative habit of daily painting. Receiving a prompt is a good springboard to play and practice our creativity.

This week I’m posting my fourth and final prompt as co-host for @Ifdrawaweek weekly painting challenge. –Curious about the three previous ones? Here they are: Prompt one, prompt two, prompt three.

Prompt Four
We all live on the same planet, but in different worlds. I’ll bet you, like me, might travel around the day in 80 worlds.

Coco, our little kitty, is one of my worlds. She has the habit of sleeping in a large bowl by the kitchen window making herself very round like a planet with soft dark hearts for continents. Being at the center of our universe, we gravitate toward her all the time!

In a circular shape, illustrate a world that’s meaningful to you -real or imaginary. It might be a world of one item or many: fruits, flowers, animals, yarn, a real ecosystem, a place on the planet or the blue planet itself… Any world that you inhabit, but it must be in-the-round!

During the week, my co-host, Jessica Amorós (Instagram @JessieAmo) highlighted some of the entries at @Ifdrawaweek.

On Saturday, Jan 21, a collage of nine pictures highlighted by me will be posted on this blog and on my Instagram feed @Leyla_Torres_Watercolors.

UPDATE: Click here to see the artwork I highlighted for this World in a Circle prompt.



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