Twelve Chickens to Celebrate the Year of the Rooster

Twelve Chickens to Celebrate the Year of the Rooster post image

This is a collage of highlights based on the Roosters Prompt presented on a previous post. One of my assignments as co-host is to highlight nine pictures from all entries based on this prompt, and post them on my IG feed @Leyla_Torres_Watercolors

This week everybody did some beautiful rooster artwork, making it quite difficult to highlight so few entries!  

There were roosters in watercolor, roosters in pen and ink, roosters in collage, rooster stamps, digital roosters… all kind of roosters and chickens to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rooster. What a treat to see all this bird art in one place!

Here I highlight the work of the following artists:




As I did last week, in addition to the nine chosen as highlights for my Instagram feed, I’ve added three more highlights here on my blog.


I’d also like to give a big round of applause to all of you who participated. Keep cultivating your good ideas and continue to do great work! 



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