Five Tips on How to Draw or Paint a Window

Five Tips on How to Draw or Paint a Window post image

Are we ready to open it? To walk through it? Look through it? Are we looking out from the inside, or looking in from the outside? Then again maybe we just admire a special door or window for it’s colorful beauty.

My second prompt as co-host for @Ifdrawaweek weekly painting challenge is ‘Doors and Windows’ and is open to artists and illustrators of all levels. Everyone can join in! -Click here to see highlights of my first prompt.

To participate in this prompt people are asked to paint anything related to Doors and Windows, in any medium, and post their results on Instagram using the hashtags: #LeylasArtPrompt #IFDrawAWeek #IFDrawaweek49

During the week, my co-host, Jessica AmorĂ³s (Instagram @JessieAmo) highlighted some of the entries at @Ifdrawaweek.

Stay tuned for a collage of nine pictures based on this doors and windows prompt,  highlighted by me and posted both on this blog and on my Instagram feed @Leyla_Torres_Watercolors.

UPDATE: Click here to see the artwork I highlighted for this Doors and Windows prompt.

Here are five tips on how to paint a window

1. Make a square or a rectangle.
2. Fill it with what you see through one of the windows of your home.
3. Don’t worry about it being pretty. Just look and try to reproduce a few elements.
4. Don’t tense up by thinking you’re making a work of art.
5. Have fun, this is just practice!


This is the view from one of the windows of my studio.


These doors and windows in watercolor are from notes I took on the town of Puente Nacional, Colombia.

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