Let’s Paint Festive Footwear!

Let’s Paint Festive Footwear! post image

Would you like to have a weekly prompt as a springboard to create art pieces for your portfolio or personal enjoyment?

Last week I stepped in as a four-week co-host for @Ifdrawaweek, a weekly illustration challenge posted through Instagram, which is open to artists and illustrators of all levels. Everyone can join in and have some fun!

My first prompt for this challenge (Dec. 25 to Dec. 31) was based on the seasonal inspiration that come with a New Year’s celebration and involved the painting of Festive Footwear!

To participate, people were asked to paint any festive shoes they might think of and post their result on Instagram. 

During the week, my co-host, Jessica Amorós (Instagram @JessieAmo) highlighted some of the entries at @Ifdrawaweek.

The work of  nine different artists is highlighted by me in the photo below and on my feed @Leyla_Torres_Watercolors 


The names of these artists on Instagram from left to right, and top to bottom:

1- @cpaez01  2 – @shoshannahscribbles 3- @helmium
4-@bree_smith_art   5- @alto1mezzo 6- @same.old.black
7- @35over 8- @corinematser 9- @angelinaper

To see all the wonderful entries visit Instagram and visit #LeylasArtPrompt and #IFDrawaweek48

Thanks to all of you who participated. I enjoyed looking at how each person approached the subject and believe me, it was hard to highlight just nine! 

Check out how artists approached the next prompt:
Doors and Windows of Different Artists

. . . . . . . . . 

To welcome the year 2017 I’d like to share this little truck. I was inspired by a lovely memory of my husband’s, John Sutton. When he was a child his dad would bring a matchbox toy truck full of M&Ms at bed time to play with and enjoy before going to sleep.


May the New Year bring you a truck filled with
sweet moments to remember
and one tough enough to handle any bumpy roads ahead!

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