How to Paint an Apple in Watercolor

How to Paint an Apple in Watercolor post image

Have you ever been told that watercolor is difficult? Well, like almost anything worth doing it isn’t easy to get the results you want on the first try.
But success with watercolor can be had by investing some time and a little effort. Planning your piece and a willingness to practice some basic technique, will produce those hoped for results.

To help you along this path of acquiring the skills of a watercolorist, I’m happy to announce that I’ve published my first watercolor class at the education website Skillshare.

In this watercolor class you will be guided through step-by-step process of painting a realistic apple. Steps are covered in detail beginning with the sketching of an apple, transferring this drawing to watercolor paper, and then painting the apple, in watercolor, using a few transparent layers to give it a three-dimensional look.

The class is geared to people with and without previous experience with watercolor, and structured by section with clearly marked step by step instructions that can be accomplished in short periods of time. Projects may be completed at your own pace, and at your convenience.

If you are new to watercolor, I’d like to invite you to dive in. We all had to start somewhere and this class would be a good starting point for you.
And if you already have experience, I’m sure you’ll find something of value as well, and I would love to see your work, too.

By the end of the class you will have added visual elements to your artistic vocabulary. These elements can be applied to other creative and craft projects such as hand lettering, food illustration or creating art for invitation cards, hand-made greeting cards, and cards for christmas and other festive occasions.

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