How to Paint Sandals in Watercolor

How to Paint Sandals in Watercolor post image

Do you live in a northern latitude? Here in mid-march Vermont it feels like winter is going to go on forever. Are you just like me, wearing your ugly sneakers but dreaming of cute shoes, warm breezes and days of carefree time at the beach?

As beautiful as the snowy landscape is, we are all just a little tired of the never ending white. But, that makes the approach to spring ever so much sweeter and appreciated.

Painting is one way in which we can exorcise the gloom of shorter and colder days, and celebrate the arrival of a warmer season and longer days. What better prescription for winter blues than dreams of summer shoes, and using them as a subject in a painting!

Here I share with you the highlights of a video on how to paint a pair of colorful sandals in watercolor.

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