Watercolor Sketchbook Project: Anniversary Celebration –2 of 4

Watercolor Sketchbook Project: Anniversary Celebration –2 of 4 post image

Our month-long 30th-anniversary celebration continues. As I was preparing to take the photo of my watercolor sketchbook, Coco decided she wanted to take a nap next to it as if knowing that she was the subject of our celebration on day 14.

  • Days 1-9 HERE
  • Day 10: The Batten Kill River passes a block away from our house, flowing toward the Hudson River for 59 miles from its source. We drove to the source and to the mouth of our beloved river.
  • Day 11: We cleaned the kitchen windows…The simple pleasure of looking to the garden through the spotless glass.
  • Day 12: We celebrated 30 years of friendship with Bob and Jackie Blihar who have helped us with tax preparation since day one.
  • Day 13: We strolled along boardwalk at Avon by the Sea, NJ -See photos @john.sutton
  • Day 14: We celebrated the presence of Coco in our life. Check images of this fun kitty on Instagram #ladycococat
  • Days 15-27 HERE

Watercolor Project Description
In my sketchbook, I made a grid with 30 squares and have been filling it with quick icons representing what John @john.sutton and I have done each day of June to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary.

Here are close-up photos of the watercolor icons

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You might be inspired to do a project like this. If you do, by all means, post it, come back and share with us.

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