Watercolor Sketchbook Project: Anniversary Celebration –1 of 4

Watercolor Sketchbook Project: Anniversary Celebration –1 of 4 post image

Do 30 years of marriage sound like a long time to you? To me, it has been like a happy blink!

To celebrate our anniversary this month my husband, John Sutton, and I are doing something special each day.
It might be as simple and spontaneous as lighting a candle on our dinner table, but it’s always with the intention of expressing gratitude for each other.

In my watercolor sketchbook, I made a grid with 30 squares and have been filling it with quick watercolor icons representing what we have done each day so far.

  • Day 1: Flowers on our dinner table.
  • Day 2: Got petunias for our garden.
  • Day 3: Had lunch on the patio.
  • Day 4: Drove to Lake George.
  • Day 5: Bought a new mat for the sink.
  • Day 6: Recalled memories by looking at old photos.
  • Day 7: Fresh flowers for our dinner table.
  • Day 8: Planted marigolds and nasturtiums in the garden.
  • Day 9: Visited the National Museum of Horse Racing in Saratoga Springs.
  • Days 10-14 HERE

Here is a close-up photo of the small watercolor icons

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