Art From the Kitchen -A Salt Cellar in Watercolor

Art From the Kitchen -A Salt Cellar in Watercolor post image

Since the weather has been so humid, the salt shaker performance leaves much to be desired. So, we have kept the table salt in a small black clay bowl I brought back from Colombia.

While having scrambled eggs this morning I thought of painting it in watercolor and doing some kitchen art after breakfast. In the process, I remember a conversation I had with my late mother-in-law one night while we were preparing a meal together.

“The best invention for the kitchen is garlic” I said.

“I think the best invention is salt”, she responded.

She was right. Human beings have not waged wars over garlic but they have over salt.
I ate my scrambled eggs without garlic, but couldn’t have eaten them without salt!

watercolor-salt-and-pepper watercolor-salt-cellar-500

What about you, what do you think is the best invention for the kitchen?

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