The Magic of Watercolor

• Are you ever discouraged
because you feel you’ll never be as good a painter as artists you admire?

• Do you feel that when you paint something “good” it’s just luck,
and wonder how to consistently produce work that is satisfying to you?

• Do you feel isolated as an artist and wish you could be part of an artistic community
to receive nourishing feedback on your work?

When I was first learning to paint, I experienced so much frustration because my watercolors were lifeless and muddy and didn’t look at all like the work I admired. Art school was a springboard where I learned some basics, but I was lacking the confidence to experiment and the strength to deal with the inevitable lessons of failure.

I hesitated to call myself an artist, thinking that “real” art could only be made by those people with extraordinary talent.

Though I desperately wanted to improve, I was reluctant to learn in the studio of knowledgeable instructors out of fear that any negative criticism would crush my desire to make art.

So, not having access to a teacher I trusted, or community I felt comfortable with, I took the much longer solo road, working on my own. From instruction taken out of books, and much trial and error, I finally felt prepared to show my work and went on to become a published writer and illustrator of children’s books.

Over the years, I’ve spoken with many other artists who’ve shared this same experience of wrestling with inner doubts while trying to capture on paper the soul and spirit of what they envision in their hearts.

And so, I’ve spent a the last couple months interviewing people regarding their challenges as artists. With this in mind, I felt inspired to create a 5-week pilot course for people who wish to improve their watercolor skills, to help them trust their intuitive voice, nurture their creative spirit, and paint watercolors that look alive, fresh, and luminous.


–– Receive instruction on four major painting concepts to better control the watercolor medium and create work with spirit: light and shadow, luminosity, texture, and transparency.
–– Have structured painting practice to help develop and advance technical and inner skills with the goal of producing work you feel happy to hang on your wall.
–– Acquire mindset strategies to shed barriers of doubt and anxiety, which prevent you from doing your best work.
–– Have life-time access to the material for review at any time.
–– Receive personalized live feedback of your work and assistance implementing the concepts and techniques learned in the videos.
–– A 30-minute individual call at the end of the course for you to receive feedback on the work you have done. (An additional $45 value)
–– Connect to a community of artists on this same path in a private Facebook group.
–– Give yourself the gift of TIME to nurture your artistic soul, cultivate your intuitive sense, and give wings to your creative potential.

COURSE TIMELINE August 26 to September 23, 2017
 Prerecorded skill-building videos (4 in total) will be released each Saturday, after the live sessions, except for the fifth Saturday.
Live online meetings ( 5 in total ) every Saturday from August 26 to September 23 from 11:30 am to 12:15 pm (NYC Time) These live sessions will be recorded so you will have access to them if you miss, but you are encouraged to attend for the opportunity to receive direct feedback on your work.

The value of this course is $197 USD, but as a pilot, this course is offered for a limited time for $97 USD.
As part of the pilot course, you will be one of a very small group of people who receive individual and personalized attention while allowing me to hone what I offer in a full future course. In addition to your improving your skills as a painter you will be part of this course as a co-creator by giving me feedback on how can I serve you best as a creative teacher. 

SPECIAL BONUS Full FREE access to three individual watercolor classes posted previously: -Watercolor for beginners, -How to paint an apple, and -How to paint a peace crane. 

If you are not satisfied with the results, after having gone through the 5 week pilot, I will refund your investment 100% within 30 days.

DEADLINE TO SUBSCRIBE This pilot course is open to 12 people only. Registration will be closed on Thursday August  24, 2017 at 11:30 pm Pacific time, or as soon as the twelve available spots are filled. 

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Leyla Torres is a visual artist, writer and author. In her studio practice, she explores creativity through writing, watercolor painting and origami.  She loves teaching and helping people release their creative potential and appreciate the process as much as the result. Leyla is the author and illustrator of several books for children, published by Farrar Straus and Giroux. 

“The class was extremely helpful for me: I learned a lot, my confidence got a boost & my watercolor paintings are definitely getting better. Thank you so much, Leyla!”
Anouk Adel

“You are a great teacher! So patient, calm and your instructions are easy to follow.”
Pat Demharter

“Very clever way of drawing for those of us who are fearful of drawing” Michelle Pocknall