Gain Confidence and Develop your Artistic Voice!

I have a confession…

I’ve been painting with watercolor for almost 40 years and almost every time I finish a watercolor painting, even today, I think the result isn’t quite good enough.

And then I wonder: When am I going to ‘get there’? When am I going to be ‘the artist’ I hoped to become so many years ago?

This self-criticism always pops up. And when it does I gently remind myself again that being an artist is a never-ending process of becoming; that being dissatisfied is a good and healthy sign that the path I’m on is still very important to me.

And I also remind myself that every effort, and every result, is a necessary part of the journey and process of ‘getting there’. Sometimes we hit it just right and it feels so sweet. And at other times we miss the mark and just have to keep going .

Either way, it’s all good.

Does this sound familiar? Are you trying to develop your skills and confidence as a watercolorist and hit confidence roadblocks and doubts about yourself as an artist?

If so, then I’d like to offer some help.

To do that I’ve developed a FREE video tutorial where I share my own painting process and offer useful tips that you can apply right away to make your watercolors more luminous and vibrant.

This tutorial also includes detailed instructions for you to apply this knowledge to create a lovely pair of quilted sandals. I’ll also encourage you to share your work on Instagram using a dedicated hashtag to give your art some well-deserved exposure in a supportive community.

I’d like nothing more than to help you grow your inner and technical confidence; to help you transfer the images in your mind and your heart through brush and color to paper.

We all are on the artist’s journey together and I’d like to share my journey with you.


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